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Use of peripheral neural stimulation (acupuncture) as a pre-emptive analgesia method for tooth extraction with osteotomy

In this investigation, the post-operative effects of pre-surgery peripheral neural stimulation (acupuncture) were evaluated. Thirteen subjects who underwent surgery for bilateral third molar extraction with osteotomy were included in the study. The two extractions were performed separately.

Peripheral neural stimulation was the only variable introduced in the second surgery. Immediately before this second surgery, the subjects received percutaneous electro-neuro-stimulation at the territories of the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve and of the median nerve at the wrist and the hand ispilateral to the surgery.

The outcomes were measured by means of a questionnaire filled by the patients, after surgeries (the first without, the second with previous acupuncture), informing mouth opening restriction, edema, quantitative features of pain (severity, length, use of analgesic medication).

Among the 13 patients, 12 reported feeling more tranquil and relaxed at the second surgery; 9 of them reported important reduction of analgesic requirement in the post-surgical time; 8 observed lower mandible contracture, and only one of the subjects reported no perceived differences between the two surgeries.

The important reduction of pain, edema and contracture after tooth extraction, obtained with the previous use of peripheral neural stimulation, suggests a large applicability of the method in this kind of surgery.

Karime S. Pereira, Odontóloga
Florianópolis – SC, Brasil.

Norton Moritz Carneiro, M.D.
Centro de Estudos Avançados de Acupuntura Médica

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